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Daily rewards, great assortments.

These quality products are conveniently packed in mail friendly boxes and ideal for shelf display.

Box Line

Bites flavour Meat, Goose, Salmon and Ostrich

Gluten and Grain Free

Excelent as a snack or as a reward for training

100g boxes

miniBites training treats

DeliBones 7PK (Pressed Rawhide 7 cm) 105g

DeliBones 4PK (Pressed Rawhide 11 cm) 120g

deliBones, Pressed Rawhide

Gift Collection

DeLuxe Tin Box Twisted Stick 5" and 10"

Natural, Smoked Bacon, Peanut Butter, Honey and Pizza flavors

790g and 820g

Gift Collection Premium Rawhide

Knotted Bone Rawhide, Twisted Stick Rawhide, Retriever Roll Rawhide, Small and Medium Donuts Rawhide, Braided Stick Rawhide, Shinbone Rawhide, Braided Donut Rawhide, Rawhide Bulk in boxes with sticker "cigar band" Natural Flavour, Rawhide Vanilla Flavor, Rawhide Peanut butter Flavour, Rawhide Bubble gum Flavour, Rawhide Pizza Flavour, Rawhide Honey Flavour, Rawhide Cheese Flavour, Rawhide Smoked bacon Flavour, Rawhide Roasted lamb Flavour, Rawhide Mint Flavour, miniBites Dogs training treats, Gluten & Grain FREE MiniBites Meat - Salmon - Goose - Ostrich deliBones PressRawhide assorted flavors, Pack line, Ears and Bones Assorted flavours and sizes, Spanish Ham Bone, Chips re-sealable bag, Assorted Rawhide Chips re-sealable bag, Chips re-sealable bag Mint flavour, Chicken n' Rawhide 5" 7PK, Chicken n' Rawhide 10" 2 PK, Chicken n' Rawhide Roll 10", Deluxe Tin Box Twisted Stick, Edible Card Collection Rawhide, deliBones Bulks Twin Stick 5" & 10” Mango and Mint flavour, deliBones Bulk Press Bones Mint and Mango flavour, Pet's Up and Bravo products displays.

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